Belk Credit Card

When it comes down to stores having their own cards that are competitive in the merchandising market, you can't exclude Belk from that list. With their Belk Credit Card, they really have made a way to appreciate their customers and encourage them to shop more with Belk. Belk has been popular for some time already and they gained even more fame once they started becoming sponsors for fashion television shows. With the exposure gained from the fashion reality shows, Belk has really become more of a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Their fashions and great prices seem to be the biggest key to keeping everyone interested in wanting to make the most of their shopping experience at Belk.

There seems to be only a few things that you can really do with your Belk Credit Card. However, don't let the few things fool you into thinking you aren't going to save big with your Belk Credit Card. The details of those things make doing them crucial to gaining so many more rewards. For example, free gift wrapping may sound like a small thing, yet when the holiday season rolls around it means a lot when you aren't paying to wrap each gift that needs to be wrapped. Another example of benefits include the fact they have exclusive events where, depending on your card status, you are going to get double or even triple the points you would normally get for your purchases. When 400 points equals $10, you would be seriously encouraged to plan your shopping to be at those times when possible.


They start everyone off at the same level with their Belk Credit Card which is great because everyone will start with equal footing to keep things fair across the board. As you begin to spend more money with them, you will find yourself receiving notice that your card is being upgraded to a higher status level. The Belk Credit Card is a three tiered card and it's not very hard to progress through those tiers if you are already a serious shopper of Belk merchandise. For those who aren't shopping as much, the Belk Credit Card will still offer great benefits. This is because no matter how much you are saving, it all depends on your income level and bringing savings to you no matter how much you are spending with your Belk Credit Card.

When things are all said and done, the Belk Credit Card is really made for you not matter how much you spend at Belk or how often you shop at Belk. The Belk Credit Card is all about just saving money on every Belk purchase and earning points to be able to have even more savings in the future. The more frequent shoppers are going to benefit and progress through the three tiered card levels which is expected. No matter what card level you are on, just make one last note to never forget that the APR is really not to be forgotten. Therefore, make sure to pay off your balances each month so that you can avoid being hit so heavy on the APR side.